“Gedeb” Single Origin by Heart — Nitro Draft 5 Gallon Keg




“Gedeb” is roasted lightly to bring out the sweetness, flavor and complexity present in the coffee fruit, as opposed to adding roasted or “cooked” flavors from the coffee roast. It has notes of grapes and rose, with a sweet finish. This is a single origin coffee is grown in Gotiti, Ethiopia and roasted by Heart in Portland, OR.

The origin of this coffee changes seasonally but the roaster stays the same.

From Heart Coffee:

Location: Gotiti
Elevation: 2075m
Varieties: Heirloom
Process: Fully washed

Here at Heart we try our hardest to find the balance between committed direct relationships and buying the best quality coffee that’s offered to us. In this case, we received an absolutely stunning sample of this Gedeb from an importer we really trust and love working with. Fortunately for us we’d actually already met the exporters of this coffee in a previous trip to Ethiopia and were able to get in direct contact for details on this lot. Even though a small portion of our coffee is purchased spot it is still very important to know who grows it and how it’s handled.

This Gedeb lot comes to us from a 30 hectare privately owned estate in the Gedeo Zone in Yirgacheffe. The farm has a state-of-the-art eco-pulper onsite where the coffee is processed before being dried on raised beds. The soil in most of the Gedeb area is made up of clay-loam soil, this is characterized by a rich reddish brown color and it’s capacity for mineral retention, due to its volcanic origin.

Along with being delicious, this coffee is certified organic at farm level. The family that owns this estate also partners with a local school to sponsor 650 children to ensure they receive a good education. We hope that you enjoy this exceptional coffee as much as we have here at the roastery, as it’s been as delicious as it is easy to work with!