Monkey Bar 12-Pack


These organic, gluten-free, plant based fruit and nut bars are made by Sophie and Ben in the same co-op kitchen as Alchemist Coffee. With just three ingredients, these bars are a delicious and nutritious snack.

From Monkey Bar:

  • Fruit & nut bar made from just real ingredients.
  • Only apples, bananas, cashews. That’s it & all organic!
  • Tastes like the best banana bread. Gluten free & vegan.
  • Dried fruit & nuts only, simply blended together.
  • Minimum 6 month shelf life. No refrigeration needed.
  • Non-perishable. No preservatives.
Perfect for any time of day. Serves as energy bar & nourishing comfort food.
Perfect snack and whole organic meal.
NO fillers. NO preservatives.
Healthy food for happy life.


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