Current Offerings

We currently have three coffees available.  Coffee is a seasonal fruit so the source of the coffees changes periodically. All coffees brewed hot, flash chilled, and infused with nitrogen.

Antithesis by Ceremony

Antithesis is a dark roast coffee from Costa Rica with a gorgeous balance of roasty notes such as dried fruit, toasted nut and cocoa with a long complex finish. It is not bitter. It does not taste like mud. Though it is a dark roast, the natural fruit sugars have not been completely caramelized meaning the coffee has a surprising sweetness on the finish not normally found in a dark roast coffee.



La Morelia by Heart

La Morelia is a single origin coffee from the farm of Miller Walles(pictured right) in the town of Paicol situated in the Department of Huila in Colombia. It is roasted lightly by the Nordic influenced roasters at Heart to bring out the natural flavors of the coffee fruit, as opposed to featuring the flavors of the roast. This coffee has a medium pomegranate acidity with notes of brown sugar and molasses.


Caberello Catuai by Tim Wendelboe

Cabellero Catuai is a single origin coffee grown in la Paz, Honduras on the Cabellero farm and roasted in Oslo by Tim Wendelboe. Mr. Wendelboe is a pioneer in the specialty coffee industry in regards to transparent and equitable sourcing practices and the “Nordic” roasting style. This is a very special coffee,  roasted lightly to bring out the acidity, sweetness, and floral intensity present in the coffee fruit. This coffee has a juicy red apple acidity with notes of plum.