Alchemist Draft Coffee is a mechanism for restaurants, bars, and other spaces to serve technically excellent and delicious coffee with no training or special equipment. It also looks cool.

We don’t roast our own coffee – we just buy from the best!

The roasted beans used in Alchemist Draft Coffee are sourced from excellent roasters both local and international. Our current offerings are from Heart in Portland, Tim Wendelboe in Norway, and Ceremony in Annapolis.


When selecting coffee to feature the highest emphasis is placed on quality, clarity of flavor, and taste. Economic sustainability and development in regions which produce high quality coffee cherries are natural by-products of this search for quality.

The coffee we use has been purchased at prices higher(often much higher) than “Fair Trade.” “Fair Trade” does not guarantee a coffee that tastes good, and since the price has not been updated since 2009 it is now *below* the commodity price for coffee.

We support roasters pursuing partnerships with growers when sourcing their green coffee. This partnership incentivises farmers to produce quality fruit, as opposed to quantity fruit because the roaster is able to guarantee a higher price. This higher price paid for the coffee is redistributed into the local economy of the farm via increased jobs and wages. This relationship also benefits the roaster, as they are guaranteed a steady supply of high quality green coffee beans. Just as one can’t make great wine from mediocre grapes, it is impossible to create great coffee from mediocre cherries.

Tim Wendelboe, our featured international roaster, is a pioneer in the movement of empowering farmers to grow higher quality coffee for their own economic benefit. You can read more on this subject, as well as see the actual prices paid for green coffee here


The brewing process for every keg involves an extensive quality control system. The pH and mineral content of the water is controlled, the coffee is ground on what many in the specialty coffee industry consider to be the “best coffee grinder in the world”, and the coffee is brewed in small batches, each of which is tested for TDS and Extraction (and tasted of course!). If the batch does not meet the high standards for taste or intensity it is discarded.

-In Summary-

Alchemist Draft Coffee is brewed to the highest standards with the best equipment available, sourced from some of the best roasters in the world who buy their coffee from farms and co-ops with which they have a direct relationship making QUALITY the priority in every step of the supply chain.