Supply Chain Transparency 

We believe that in the specialty coffee industry, quality coffee and transparency inevitably go hand in hand. Supply chain transparency empowers farmers to reinvest in their business, improve the quality and consistency of their crop, and ultimately create a more sustainable, healthy, and just relationship between growers and consumers. 

We feel strongly about supporting roasters who engage in transparent buying practices. More information on this topic can be found here:

Holistic Ecological Sustainability

We believe there is no point in doing business without taking into account the full social and ecological costs of our actions. All our spent coffee grounds are composted, our shared kitchen is partially powered through rooftop solar panels and we are aggressively pursuing ways to achieve a truly carbon neutral business. 

Our process of supplying coffee in reusable containers (kegs!) drastically cuts down on packaging waste of alternatives. 100% of the packaging our roasted beans arrive in is recycled. 


These are first steps. We understand as our business grows, so too our responsibility to our community and environment.