We don't roast our own coffee- we just buy from the best.

Our draft coffee contains high quality beans roasted by both local and international roasters. Currently, our offerings are sourced from Heart in Portland, Tim Wendelboe in Norway, and Ceremony in Annapolis.

In our selection process, quality and economic sustainability and development are among our highest priorities. At Alchemist, it is of upmost importance to use beans that not only demonstrate superiority in quality, clarity of flavor, and taste, but also uphold economic sustainability and development in the regions they are sourced from. We have found economic sustainability and development to be natural by-products of our pursuit for quality as they are both largely present in regions that produce quality coffee cherries.

At Alchemist, we love to partner with roasters who pursue sustainable partnerships with growers. These partnerships incentivize farmers to produce quality fruit as opposed to quantity fruit because the roaster is able to guarantee prices higher than “Fair Trade,” which is often below the commodity price of coffee. These higher prices are redistributed into the local economy of the farm via increased jobs and wages. The partnership not only benefits the farmer, but also the roaster who is guaranteed a steady supply of high-quality, green coffee beans. Just as one cannot produce great wine from mediocre grapes, it is impossible to create great coffee from mediocre cherries.