It's alchemy, it’s #coffeetransformed.

Centered in the nation’s capital, Alchemist Coffee Co. combines historical, romantic, and magical elements of coffee to create the perfect cup that showcases flavors, textures, and aromas to the highest standard. Brewed with discipline, precision, and consistency, our coffee is part of our commitment to pursue divinity through dogged persistence and new technology.

Our mission is transformation: to alter the perception of what coffee is and can be.


We’re proud of the roasters we buy our coffee from, and we want you to know how proud we are of them too. From Ceremony in Annapolis and Heart in Portland to Tim Wendelboe in Oslo, Norway, our roasters help us start the Alchemist process with great coffee.

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Intensified Flavors

Sourced from the best, our beans are brewed in hot water to extract the best coffee experience: rich aromas, complex tannins, and sweet, deep flavors. We don’t sacrifice quality at the altar of “Cold Brew,” a.k.a the other guy with less flavor as a result of less extraction.

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Our brew is flash chilled to provide the most pure, concentrated coffee at refreshing temperatures. And the finishing touch: infused nitrogen to obtain a silky texture and to elicit the coffee’s natural savory flavor, complexity, and sweetness.